The Garden Schools initiative is a collaboration between the voluntary organisation One Seed Forward and the School of Education in the University of Aberdeen.

“A garden school is one which promotes children’s learning and well-being,

focusing on the activity of growing food in the school garden.”

The Garden Schools programme aims to support and encourage the establishment of gardens for food growing in schools with a view to:

  • Encouraging children and teachers to learn about growing
  • Introducing discussions around fresh food and healthy eating
  • Promoting community engagement in food growing initiatives
  • Providing educational materials linked to curricular areas, using the school garden as a focus for learning and well-being

The programme comprises 8 modules and offers 5 Stages and Awards. All materials are available on this website to use freely and flexibly. Additionally, the University of Aberdeen offers a more structured approach and support via their on-line training resource.

Who is the programme aimed at?

The Garden Schools programme is aimed at anyone who has a role in helping school pupils set up and/or maintain a flourishing school garden – this includes student teachers, teachers, and Pupil Support Assistants.

Additionally, although designed primarily for schools, use of the GS programme in alternative community settings is entirely possible. For that reason, community workers with this type of role and remit will also benefit from its use.

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