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How it all began – about our pilot project

Three schools in regeneration areas of Aberdeen city, one in each nominated area, were involved in the pilot project. The participating schools were:
•​Bramble Brae primary school
•​Woodside primary school
•​Tullos primary school

One result of the pilot project, apart from the development of the gardens in each of the schools, was the creation of an educational programme and materials which can now be rolled out to other schools. The programme and materials are now freely available for everyone to use – visit Our Programme.

More specific objectives of the Garden Schools initiative are:
• The creation of, or improvement to, a space in the school that can be used as a vegetable garden.
• A developed school educational programme that includes local vegetable growing, health and nutrition benefits, recycling and composting, links to literacy, numeracy, citizenship, science and arts.
• Developing links from garden projects to raise awareness of climate change and climate actions and sustainability.

What topics are covered?

There are 8 main sections featuring all elements of the GS programme.  The suggested order shown is as a guide only, based on the academic year starting in August/September – it can easily be adapted for different situations:

SectionTopicsSuggested month
1From School Grounds to School GardensAugust/ September
2The mystery of growthOctober
3The secrets of the soilNovember/ December
4Crazy compostJanuary
5From small to big: big seeds and germinationFebruary
6From planting to growingMarch
7Tending to the gardensApril
8Harvesting and cookingMay/ June

Stages and Awards

There are 5 recognised stages to the Garden Schools programme – described in the Garden Schools Framework. On completion of a stage, schools can apply to One Seed Forward, describing what has been achieved and which award they are applying for, complete with photographs if possible. Following evaluation, successful schools will be sent an Award Certificate via email, and gardening gift vouchers in the post.

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